The Front Porch

Not by Sight, Not by Comfort: Encouragements for Those Integrating Churches” (October 22)
What are specific questions and challenges for minorities in predominantly white churches? How might we think about these challenges so that we might better display God, love God, and love each other. 


The Gospel Coalition 

‘I Can’t Imagine.’ Yes, You Can.” (December 4)
My reflection on the slaying of black men in America by the police, and a plea for evangelicals to use their God-given imaginations to stymie this trend. 

The Graveyard of Multi-Ethnic Worship: Why Her Velcro Sneakers Kill Me” (February 26)
Multi-ethnic worship forces us to deal with preferences that differ from our own. It is the graveyard where churches can bury individualism and group privilege.

The Front Porch

What Langston Hughes’ Lie Can Mean For Churches” (February 10)
“I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen. But not really saved. It happened like this..” 

How Ferguson Can Kill You, Too” (September 11)
Four ideas on racial reconciliation and how to die to yourself to love others in light of Ferguson and Mike Brown. 

God’s Servant on Black Millennials’ Vanishing View of The Black Church” (May 28)
The fuss about millennials and their relation to evangelicalism (broadly) and the local church (specifically) continues to abound. What about black millennials and the black church?


Book Review: True Worship, by Vaughn Roberts” (March 27)
The fundamentals of the gospel, the church, music, and worship are so easily confused today; this book offers much-needed clarity.

Book Review: Effective Staffing for Vital Churches, by Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian” (August 20)
This book’s principles are driven more by man’s intuition and tactics than the principles described in God’s Word.

They Excommunicated My Dad” (August 26)
My reflections on the difficult church discipline case of my father, and why I still believe church discipline is a good thing. 


Desiring God

Laughter is the Sound of Joy” (May 12)
My thinking of those times our Lord must have laughed during his time on earth and the poem inspired by those laughs.

The Gospel Coalition

Dylann Roof and the Danger of Identity Idolatry” (June 19)
Nine people are dead. Before we move on to the theological implications and the clarion calls—the social media posts and the half-baked diatribes—let us mourn. Let us pray because nine God-image bearingpersons were massacred in Charleston, South Carolina. To describe the horrors, our words fail us. But God does not.

Mizzou and a More Excellent Way” (November 11)
It’s the world’s way to pass on understanding and seeing one another, on loving one another, until it’s a PR problem. What about the way of Christ?


Don’t Be Color-blind at Church” (September 25)
Christians should be both colorblind and color-conscious. Why? Because that’s what God is like.

Why White Churches Are Hard for Black People” (September 25)
These reasons aren’t true for every white church or for every black person, but the hope is that they lead to graceful and authentic conversation, to prayer, to action, and to joy in our Lord.

The Front Porch

Our Contrived Reformation” (March 26)
The narrative of the Reformation, as it’s often passed down amongst evangelical. The problem, though, is that speaking of the Reformation like this tells an incomplete tale.

grounds of an embattled Moses” (April 9)
The point of this poem is that the onslaught of unarmed black men being slain by American law enforcement is a tragic injustice—one causing confusion and pain among many, even the most innocent of our society.