What Silences Storms?

My bliss, your diction;
My heart’s inscription,
Your Word, nix tricks and jokes not.

It cuts. It convicts.
Tastes rich, thick its sips,
Your Word to my lips burns hot.

Taught me truth and right.
Taut string, me the kite;
Your Word tugs—in flight, I soar!

Up, up! from the depths,
When I hear God’s breath,
Your Word: “No more death,” it roars!

And I limp out my door, hopeful
again, continuing homeword.


2 thoughts on “What Silences Storms?

  1. Just reading all your poems & loving every one & praising God for this grace on your life.

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” United Negro College Fund 1972 “Be renewed by the transforming of your mind.” Romans 12.1-2.


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