He speaks; God speaks.
He speaks, songs of his glory ring across the skies,
He speaks: worship cries from heaven and earth rise,
He speaks: an explosion of life that silent night,
the Holy One flexes to show His might,
when he speaks, he is right.

Unless He speaks we don’t know him,
You see, mankind was chosen with all else in creation below him
to bear God’s image and be spoken to, like children and fathers do: love and truth, joy and food,
community in abundance — a relationship harmonious,
life to the fullest.

Yet from such harmony rang a dissonance.
Something happened. How could this happen?
How could man challenge his maker’s Word,
and instead of God listen to the foulest voice on earth?
As Satan tempted, rebellion stirred, sin infiltrated the universe:
Guilty! Silence. Shame.
Fellowship broken. God’s righteous anger awoken,
He speaks; God speaks to curse, to cry, to condemn:
The fallen.

And yet on that day he would promise that he would come.
To ransom us. To deliver us. To make us new — to make all things new,
Silence: hundreds of years of defiance,
No power to save, no one righteous, glimpses of hope
But still no messiah. No word from God — only the promise:
Waiting. Longing. Silence.

And then into silence, God speaks.
He speaks, and sent the Christ on a mission to rescue the weak.
A people to save, a promise to keep; God speaks
to a lowly young girl gentle and meek,
she carries the child all nations will seek:
The Answer, the Savior, the Lord, the Word.
The Word became flesh that we may have life in him.
His name is Jesus: He will save his people from their sins.

From the throne to the womb — an unexpected arrival.
Hallelujah, Emmanuel: no more silence.
What wonder, what mystery to ponder and believe.
Glory to God in the highest; He speaks.

Performed on December 24, 2012 at The Summit Church’s “Christmas at the Durham Performing Arts Center” in Durham, NC; Lyrics by Hank Murphy.