So I was on social media one day.
So shallow it seemed but I must say,
I was shocked, flummoxed, intrigued!
By what was one a newfound application spreading like a disease.
Staring at it, I asked when people started snapping pictures like these?
Got me sounding like a brat on Christmas Eve:
“I have to have it! I have to have it!”
So I opened the App Store, hit download, and got the app added.
Opened the app, and now I’m at it like an addict — not on the candy rock gram — but on the Instagram.

Looking at grand photos of:
Land, mountains, skylines, horizons and trees.
Loved ones, fun runs, oceans, beasts, buildings, canyons and families.
I can’t handle these beautiful creations.
In these beautiful pictures.
They got me recalling the Roman scripture that says God’s eternal power and divine nature have been perceived ever since the creation of the world in the things that have been made.

Cameras capture things that have been…made.
Fashioned, designed, ordained, formed and shaped.
I love the hashtag that expresses what I’m trying to say.
It implicitly whispers credit to the one who spoke into nothing the foundations of the earth.
Yes, that hashtag reads: #nofilter.

#Nofilter lets your viewers know that though you’ve captured something,
Its beauty is out of your control — let it be. No Beatles, but you see,
Our phones may be smart but we’re not dumb.
We instinctively know when we take a photo worth 1,000 words,
It’s silly to dress it in one, artificial filter.

Like a woman without makeup whose beauty speaks for itself,
Is God’s creation in a picture when filters are left on the shelf.
Yes, it’s clear that nothing is more beautiful than when it’s clear.

So hear the good news about whom the heavens ring — the one whom every created thing is meant to praise and extol: Soli Deo Gloria – Jesus.

Yeah, no cryptic filter let me give it to you straight:
Jesus took that cross – he hung on the tree,
For sinners like you and me, for the Father’s good purposes, and for the Father’s glory,
He chose before the foundations of the earth those who would turn from their sins and believe that three days later Jesus got up from the grave to save those who would — by faith — accept his righteousness.
‘Cause we ain’t got none of our own. But we’re no longer alone.

No repentant sinners who laid dead in their sin, now corporately stand in Him,
With the legal declaration of innocence, in a sense – now — free,
From shame, condemnation, self-exalting lustful idolatry –
So that we may finally see and praise for eternity along with the choir of creation:
Jesus, the King of Kings sitting magnificent in the highest station.

Yeah, I was on social media one day.
And it reminded me of God.

Photograph on homepage by Aruan P.Costa via Flickr Creative Commons. Photograph in video by Paul Williams via Flickr Creative Commons.